Royal Purple, Jewel Tones, & Silver

Leslie and Donnie's union at Burning Tree Country Club was an exquisite affair, where the timeless elegance of the venue harmonized with the couple's unique vision. The ceremony unfolded indoors, a captivating scene set against the backdrop of a grand fireplace with an ornate gold mirror. The mantle, a lush tapestry of cascading greenery, jewel-tone purple flowers, and delicate candles, framed the couple as they exchanged vows.

The room, brimming with 182 guests, exuded an air of intimacy and sophistication. White drapery with chandeliers gracefully embellished each set of curtains, casting a soft glow that illuminated the love radiating from Leslie and Donnie. The atmosphere was a perfect blend of romance and opulence, capturing the essence of the couple's union.

As the vows were exchanged, the room transformed into a sanctuary of love, witnessed by family and friends who reveled in the beauty of the moment. The celebration continued into the night with a reception that mirrored the ceremony's elegance, marking the beginning of Leslie and Donnie's journey as husband and wife in a setting that mirrored the timeless beauty of their love.

The reception was a symphony of culinary delights, where the club's exceptional catering added a flavorful note to Leslie and Donnie's celebration. The attentive staff, polite and friendly, ensured that the 182 guests felt not only welcomed but truly cherished throughout the evening. The crisp white tablecloths, silver scalloped chargers, and plum satin napkins created a sophisticated tableau, complemented by gorgeous floral compote centerpieces that added a touch of natural beauty to each table.

The air was filled with joy and music, courtesy of an awesome DJ who orchestrated a night of lively entertainment. Guests, captivated by the rhythm, danced the night away, creating a lively atmosphere of celebration and unity. The dance floor became a canvas of shared joy as everyone reveled in the couple's happiness.

A particularly memorable touch was the wedding cake, a culinary masterpiece that not only delighted the taste buds but also captured the couple's unique charm. A little figurine of Leslie and Donnie's beloved dog, playfully nibbling on the side of the buttercream frosting, added a whimsical and personal touch to the sweet centerpiece. The evening was a perfect blend of culinary excellence, heartfelt entertainment, and personal touches, creating memories that would linger in the hearts of all who attended Leslie and Donnie's splendid celebration.

We loved planning this wedding with this special couple and wish them many years of happiness and love.