You have an amazing bond with an extraordinary person, so lets make your celebration extraordinary

It's all about you and your soulmate creating an event with us that feels uniquely yours. Your love is unique, your love story is unique, and we know that your celebration is going to be a celebration of just that. We know that by getting to know you as a pair, we will be able to design special jaw dropping features of your wedding day that feel as amazing as your love story.

Something Special, Something Yours, Something Your guests will love

You want drool worthy photos of an event that people will be sharing all over social media saying, "That's so beautiful! That's what I want MY wedding to look like!" At the same time, you want an event that feels as special as the love you share with your fiance, with a few unique elements that feel personal. Even more than that, you want to combine these concepts with an experience that guarantees your guests will have an amazing time. We want that for you too, and we have some great ideas to share on how to give you that perfect trifecta!

Chemistry & Commitment

When you book with us, you will have unlimited access to our time. Because of this, we only take a handful of clients each year. Every wedding we choose is especially curated with our couples in mind, and we want to make sure that you have as much of our attention as possible. We do not take every wedding that inquires with us, nor do we work with couples solely based on their wedding budget. We choose our clients based on passion and the excitement we feel for their wedding vision.

Once you fill out an inquiry with us, we will reach out to set up a meeting with you to discuss our compatibility. We want to make sure you'll enjoy working with us as much as we're going to enjoy working with you - which is going to be a whole lot!

If you've got good feelings about us and we've got good feelings about you, then the work begins right away.

The Financials

I know you're wondering, what will this experience cost?

The answer: every wedding budget is different, just as every couple's style is different. Some couples come into this process with an exact wedding budget that they'd like to stick to, and that's certainly something we can do. Other couples prefer to have a budget consultation to help determine how much they'd like to invest in their wedding day. We will happily start our process with you at either point.

To give you a rough idea of what to expect your planning expenses to be, our average planning design will take up about 20% of your total budget. This includes our time planning and designing with you, our logistical coordination of the wedding day, and our management of all of your wedding vendors. This does not include any travel fees, additional staffing add on's, or administrative fees that may occur based on the developing design.

What will be an unknown expense, until we've curated a design for you, will be things related to your decorations, floral arrangements, and any part of the general aesthetic of your wedding day. We do our very best to stay within the agreed upon budget, and do not exceed that budget without a lengthy discussion and your consent, at any point.


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