My Experience & Love For Weddings...

...began at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. I worked for Disney for two years learning all things special events. My training focused on positivity in all circumstances, empathizing with clientele needs and making them a priority, and using effective communication to ensure that no detail however small was going to be forgotten or out of place. Because of that training, I was able to apply those skills and dedicate myself to the deeply fulfilling work that is bringing a couple stress-free joy on their wedding day.

Since my time with Disney, I have directed many weddings, elopements, and several types of events in South Carolina and Alabama. I have enjoyed every single moment of each wedding! I still cry at every ceremony & get butterflies at every first dance. I can't wait to do the same at your wedding!

My Wedding Day

I had a wonderful wedding day because I had so much help. A big part of that, was my wedding director taking care of everything behind the scenes so that I didn't have to. Without her to handle all of the little details, my hair would've never gotten done, my timeline would've ran late, and because of the size of my wedding venue (it was huge!) no one would've known where to go to sit down for our ceremony. My wedding director took care of all of this and more for me and my fiance.

The funny thing was, I wasn't aware of how much extra was being taken care of due to vendor miscommunication ( the cake goes where again?) and last minute problems to solve. (the shuttle service from the hotel forgot about my wedding!) My wedding coordinator handled every situation perfectly and I wasn't ever stressed out. I got to enjoy my special day knowing everything was handled.

Because of my wedding day and the many weddings I have directed and coordinated, I know exactly what to do in all of these situations while maintaining professionalism and keeping my clients at ease.


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