Sage, Blush, & Ivory

On the historic day of May 13th, 2022, a love story unfolded at the enchanting Weeden House, a venue steeped in history and charm. Nestled within the embrace of time, the ceremony took place in the elegant garden beneath the sprawling branches of a pecan tree—a natural cathedral for the union of two souls. The garden, a sanctuary of blossoms and serenity, served as the perfect backdrop for the vows exchanged, creating an atmosphere of timeless romance.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm glow upon the festivities, the celebration seamlessly transitioned into the wedding reception, still within the garden's enchanting confines. The venue itself, with its historical features reminiscent of the colonial era, provided a picturesque setting for this momentous occasion. One standout feature, the winding staircase at the entrance, added a touch of regal elegance and served as the perfect locale for capturing couples portraits—a visual narrative of love ascending.

The dance floor, a rustic brick patio bathed in the soft glow of string lights woven above, became a canvas for joy and celebration. Each step upon the brick echoed with the laughter and rhythm of the night, creating an atmosphere of pure enchantment. Everything about this wedding exuded charm and classic beauty, a celebration that embraced the historical essence of the Weeden House.

The color palette of sage, ivory, and blush painted a picture of subtle elegance, perfectly complementing the historical backdrop. Floral bouquets and classic compote centerpieces adorned the tables, bringing the garden's natural beauty into every corner of the celebration. The fragrant blooms and soft hues added a touch of romance to the air, enhancing the overall aesthetic with a sense of grace and refinement.

The catering, a culinary symphony, added another layer of delight to the celebration. The steak, in particular, stood out as a culinary masterpiece, offering a succulent experience that tantalized the taste buds. The menu, a harmonious blend of flavors and textures, left guests raving about the exquisite dining experience that perfectly complemented the overall charm of the day.

Adding to the enchantment was the musical ambiance provided by a talented guitarist. His melodies, woven delicately into the fabric of the evening, created a lovely environment that enhanced the romantic atmosphere. The marriage of live music with the historical surroundings added an extra dimension to the celebration, making it an immersive experience for all in attendance.

This was more than a wedding; it was a journey through time and a celebration of enduring love. The Weeden House, with its colonial-era allure and timeless charm, became the stage for a day where every detail, from the winding staircase to the floral arrangements, the delectable steak, and the soulful guitar melodies, contributed to a tapestry of memories that would linger in the hearts of all who attended. In the midst of history and under the canopy of pecan branches, this wedding unfolded as a captivating chapter in the narrative of love.

We loved every moment of planning and coordinating this beautiful day with our sweet couple. Many happy wishes to Lauren & John.

Thank you to merry moments photography llc for these beautiful images!