Peach, Gold, & Blush

Embarking on Audrey and Antony's wedding journey at Riverside Event Venue was a symphony of elegance and meticulous planning. Nestled beside the Tennessee River, the ceremony unfolded on a picturesque embankment, with a modern floral meadow stealing the spotlight in hues of white, peach, blush, and petal pink. This breathtaking focal point became the backdrop to their vows, a testament to nature's grace.

The transition to cocktail hour beneath the stilted venue was enchanting, adorned with strung lights casting a warm glow. A talented saxophonist serenaded guests while peach-flavored craft cocktails flowed, creating a lively and sophisticated atmosphere.

As the celebration moved indoors to the ballroom, the venue transformed into a realm of opulence. Elaborate peach and blush floral installations adorned the space, complemented by blush velvet napkins, gold charger plates, and bespoke tableware. Each place setting held a delicate macaroon, a sweet touch to the luxurious affair.

The reception catered to diverse palates with two culinary delights. A contemporary American menu pleased one side, while the other celebrated Antony's Kenyan heritage with traditional cuisine. This thoughtful touch paid homage to family traditions and bridged cultures seamlessly.

Despite the long-distance planning from Maryland, the wedding unfolded flawlessly, a testament to the seamless coordination and dedication of our team. Audrey and Antony's high-end and classy celebration was a joy to plan, each moment a testament to love's grandeur and the magic of uniting families across continents.