Yay! We're planning a wedding!

I'm beyond thrilled to be helping you with your big day! In order to help make things easy over the next year of planning, here is an outline of what each of our meetings will entail, so you can prepare as you'd like. Please keep in mind, as you look things over, that we can strike anything off of the list that does not speak to you and give you joy. This day is all about you and your intended, and Weddings Ondeck wants to give you a day that you'll love looking back on with fond memories.

Here is what you can anticipate month by month

Month One

This month we'll be focusing on setting your wedding date and the small details that will help create a vision for the big day. Here is what those tasks entail:

  • Putting together your wedding mood board. This will involve your choosing wedding colors, floral designs, and overall venue aesthetic.
  • Determining your wedding budget.
  • Finding you the perfect venue for your wedding vision!
  • Setting your date by officially booking your venue.

Note: Once we have a venue selected and a date booked, we can now begin looking for vendors! Yay!

Month Two

Because it can take a long time for a wedding dress to be ordered and guest lists will be a huge focus of our overall planning together, our planning meeting this month will be based on:

  • Putting together your initial guest list.
  • Deciding on your Officiant.
  • Selecting your wedding party.
  • Shopping for your wedding attire.

Note: I will be happy to attend any dress or tux fittings to help with anything you need. This is of course optional.

Month Three

This month we will be focusing heavily on finding and booking your vendors. These are the vendor's we'll be looking for first:

  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Florist

Note: We're looking for these vendors first, because they tend to be unavailable far more in advance than your other vendors. It's key to reserve your photographer ASAP, especially.

Month Four

This month's planning meeting is all about finalizing your guest list. It is important to do this about this time, because your official guest number will be the largest factor in your overall budget. Once we have that rough number, we can then book the following vendors:

  • Wedding Cake Baker
  • Caterer
  • Bartender
  • Wedding Stationery (Invitations)

*Once we have your photographer & Stationery selected, we can then send out your SAVE THE DATES!

I will of course be helping you obtain quotes from these vendors as well as scheduling tastings so that you can be happily assured of the food & beverage quality.

Month FIve

Hotel Room Blocks, what the heck are they? This month, I'll be walking you through reserving rooms at a hotel or two of your choice, so that your out of town gusts have a great place to stay during your wedding.

We do this during month five, in order to have all of the details in your invitations that will help your guests book accommodation from a distance.

Month Six

This month will be all about booking your remaining vendors:

  • Makeup Artist
  • Hair Stylist
  • DJ/Band
  • Ceremony Musician(s)

Note: once we have these vendors booked, putting together your itinerary for the big day will be easy peasy. I should be able to get a fairly accurate timeline for the big day by the start of next month!

Month Seven

This month, we'll be focusing heavily on your invitations being sent out.

  • Create your wedding website
  • Add gifts to your registry
  • Mail your invitations
  • Write your vows
  • Order vow books
  • Select readings for your ceremony
  • Meet with your officiant

Month Eight

  • Buy wedding undergarments
  • Purchase wedding party gifts
  • Have your wedding shower!
  • Plan your bachelorette & bachelor parties.

Note: It is now time to schedule your appointments for any cosmetic services leading up to or on the wedding day. This includes:

  • Getting your nails done
  • Makeup if not coming to the venue
  • Hair if not coming to the venue

Month Nine

This month is all about the food! You will have had your tastings by this point, but now is the time to finalize your wedding menu. Don't worry about guest count yet, we have plenty of time to give your caterer the final guest number.

We'll mostly be focused on what specifically you want served, both food and beverages.

Month Ten

This month will be about putting in orders for your decorations and purchasing some fun sentimental wedding items:

These are purchases you may want to anticipate:

  • Guest Book
  • Cake Topper
  • Toasting Glasses
  • Cake Stand
  • Knife & Serving Set
  • Unity Candle Set
  • Ring Bearer Pillow

Note: If you haven't already, it is now time to purchase your WEDDING RINGS!

Month Eleven

This month is all about your guests! I will continuously retrieve RSVP's until we have a response from everyone. After that, our meeting will consist of making sure all RSVP'd guests are appropriately seated with any placement printouts we may want to order. Here's what that task list looks like:

  • Follow up & finalize all RSVP's
  • Send final guest count to all vendors
  • Complete all stationary: menu cards, place cards, table numbers, etc.
  • Complete seating chart.
  • Print & order wedding programs.

Note: Vendors will all require your balance to be paid by this month. I will collect all of your invoices & final balances and we will go over everything in your meeting.

Month Twelve

It's your wedding month! And because of that, we are setting the final fun details in stone. This means doing a final walk through of your venue and myself relaying all information to your vendors.

Our final planning meeting will consist of the following:

  • Confirm all ceremony & reception details.
  • Finalize rehearsal dinner plans.
  • Attend final attire fittings.
  • Confirm honeymoon plans.
  • Send wedding day itinerary to all vendors.
  • Purchase wedding gifts for one another
  • Attend your final hair & makeup test run.
  • Obtain your marriage license!

It's wedding week!

BACHELOR & Bachelorette Parties

There are so many amazing things to love about planning your Bach Party! If you're getting together and going on a mini vacation as a group, you may want to plan for this specific tradition one to two months out from the big day. If you're staying local and want to do everything in the same week as your wedding, it is our suggestion that you schedule three to four days out from the actual wedding day.

Wedding Week

During this very busy and very fun week, I will be focused on helping you with the following:

  • Provide a finalized itinerary for family and your vendors.
  • Review ceremony seating with wedding ushers.
  • Hold wedding rehearsal & enjoy rehearsal dinner.

Here's what you'll need to bring/have put together by the rehearsal day:

  • Pack for your wedding night.
  • Pack for your honeymoon.
  • Pick up & store all wedding attire.
  • Bring favors, decorations, & guest book items to your planner.

The Big Day

Lovelies, this is the moment you've been waiting for! Your planning is done, and all there is left is to kick back and enjoy getting ready while Myself and my team take care of everything! Yay!

Don't worry, I'll always just be a few steps away in case of any last minute snags that need mending. Your vendors will all come to me with any questions, so go ahead and pick up that mimosa! It's your day to enjoy - stress free!


Weddings Ondeck